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Dr. Philipp Cottier

Dr. Philipp Cottier, born 1967 in Switzerland, is chairman of L1 Digital. He actively invests in financial services, real estate, digital assets and commodities in emerging markets and serves as an entrepreneur with seats on the boards of several companies. Philipp is a dedicated philanthropist as well as a microfinance and social impact investor. Between 1998 and 2008, together with his partners, he built up Harcourt, a provider of FoHF and commodity products, which was later sold to Bank Vontobel. Harcourt managed over CHF 5.5 billion and employed more than 90 people in 7 global offices. Prior to that, he worked as a FoHF advisor for Swiss Bank Corporation in Hong Kong and New York and as a hedge fund analyst for SBC Private Banking in Basel. He gained international experience for the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney and for other firms in Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Vancouver. Philipp graduated from the University of St. Gallen in 1992, holds an MSc in finance and accounting, an MSc in political science as well as a PhD in Finance.

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