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SIGLO is a leading provider of alternative investment solutions. Our success is based on the following pillars:

We look forward to getting to know you.

Clients first

Client benefit is the top priority throughout our investment solutions. We listen attentively and then build customised, capital- and cost-efficient multi-manager portfolios. With clear objectives and frameworks suited to our clients' individual overall portfolio context.

Experienced & proven

Financial market crises over the past 25 years have taught us a lot and helped us to evolve. Thanks to our interdisciplinary wealth of experience in alternative investments, consulting, and institutional asset management, we communicate at eye level with fund managers as well as clients.

We are meticulous

We collect targeted market, product and position data and analyse it with proprietary portfolio and monitoring tools. We are informed about developments and diversification effects and continuously track objectives and adherence to investment requirements in order to proactively intervene, if necessary.

In a nutshell

We ask the right questions and provide useful and understandable answers. Because clear, transparent, and comprehensible communication is everything. 

Dynamic & ambitious

The dynamics of the financial markets and investment products are changing the goals and demands for careful and professional solutions. If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

Our services

We listen to our clients. Attentively. To understand individual needs, identify suitable investment solutions and implement them. SIGLO mandates are always comprised of four parts, developed with the individual client in mind.

Investment objectives and concept

Definition of investment objectives,

definition of investment framework,

training and workshops, educational material, and presentations

Portfolio construction and implementation

Choice of suitable investment forms and products, weighting of individual strategies and managers, support in all operational processes

Manager selection and due diligence

Capture and analysis of the investment universe, investment and operational due diligence, selection of the most suitable investment vehicles

Controlling, monitoring and reporting

Ongoing performance assessment, peer group comparisons, detailed risk and exposure analyses, outlook on future opportunities and risks

Investment philosophy


Capturable risk premia are time-variable.

Carefully selected alternative investments improve the risk-return characteristics of portfolios.

Good solutions are uncomplicated.

Sustainability. Because there is another way.

Naturally, we primarily focus on the needs and requirements of our clients when carrying out our advisory services. But alongside financial interests, social, ethical, and environmental aspects (ESG) are also important to us. Not only in the selection of strategies and managers, but also internally throughout the company and team.

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